Walking around the square in my favorite cliche downtown center of McKinney, Texas I ventured into an alley way. I wanted to see the graffiti. In the midst of names and pictures of extremely disproportionate cartoons, I stumbled upon this quote spray painted on a giant brick wall.

"Your face can be forgotten but your word never is."

I stood there for a minute looking at the order of the words and questioning as to why they struck a cord with me. Though my gorgeous and rememberable face is not one to be forgotten quite often, it is my face that doesn't matter.

My word is. Writing, it's my passion and that is what I want my name to be tied to. Not some short girl with red hair and pasty skin, but words that have made an impact.

I snapped a couple pictures of the quote and have kept it in the back of my head ever since. Now it's time to live by those words.
(Photo taken by me. For more visit photographedsoul.tumblr.com)

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