Wax Figurines and Manikins

June 5, 2012

Most commonly said thing by teenage girls? “I hate fake people.” And yes, when you read that please read aloud in a preppy/snotty girl voice. While I understand the connotation of this phrase I believe there are a few logical fallacies concerning this statement people may want to be aware of. And if not then you are reading this because I am simply so dang funny: bless you.

On to my main point…

What in actuality constitutes a fake person? Because if someone says fake person I automatically and fairly assume a fake person takes the form of a wax figure or a manikin. They have the resemblance of your everyday human being but in fact lack the necessary organs to take the name of “person.” So if teenage girls are walking around saying they hate wax figures or manikins, I don’t necessarily see the issue or as to why so many people take offense to this statement and cause a fuss. Other than the fact of course said teenage girls may need some psychological aid.

A person with boobs injected with plastic or jelly things to make them look perkier is technically not a fake person. Sure, parts of their boobs or fake but they themselves are a real living breathing human being. People who get spray tans: sure the “tan” they are saying they have is in fact not from the sun but a bottle of skin dye. While said tan is not real that person is indeed a real living breathing human being. You can see my point now right? I have made it clear that unless you are a wax figurine or a manikin, you in all reality are quite real.

So girls who consistently whine about how you “hate fake people,” I suggest you find yourself a counselor or a decent teacher because your logic is not effective.

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