A Week with Dogs

June 17, 2012

While my existence for these summer months is spent at home in family suburbia I live the life of a cat and small puppy owner. The cat sleeps on my bed at night and the puppy sleeps in a kennel. A low key and considerably low matinence lifestyle when it comes to animal care.

I got a text from my Aunt the other day. Her and my Uncle and my two little cousins were going out of town and needed someone to house sit/ here's the kicker... dog sit. Since I lived less than 10 minutes away and they paid 20 bucks a day I took the job immediately. Plus it's a break from my house. This will work out fine I thought just fine...

I punch in the garage code and walked in the house and from there I could hear the chorus of barks and yaps from not one, not two, but 3 giant dogs.

Dear. Lord. I am in for a long week.

I let them out of their cages and they ran, bounded, and lept as quick as they could without slipping on the wood floors. And then I noticed it. A limp. The dog had a limp. The chocolate lab was limping! What? WHAT?

I have literally been here for 45 seconds and something is already wrong with the dog. Face slap. This is my luck. I called my Aunt and she was sorry I was having problems. Jeez, I was the one who was sorry. My bad luck was transferred to her dog!

By the end of the day I had fed the dogs twice, cleaned up dog puke, petted every single one for nearly 30 min each, picked up poo, and got them into their cages so I could go to sleep. I tossed on some jammies and promptly crawled into bed. I shut my eyes and just as I was about to fall asleep I here a close meow...

They had a cat too...

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