June 29, 2012

You Only Live Once

I believe it is overdue that I touch upon this ever so popular topic of YOLO. You may or may not have gathered from the rest of my blog that for the most part I tend to play it safe. I work really hard on what I have my head set on but that often leaves me sitting alone in my room on a Friday night. Of course when I see young teens applying the tactics of YOLO in all seriousness my mouth drops and my head shakes because what most people don't understand "YOLO" was popularized by the most likely drugged up rap artist Drake. His opinion is irrelevant for obvious reasons.

Like mentioned before I do not live by or even incorporate in any part of my life the term Y.O.L.O. I believe it is a term that (for lack of a better word) dumb asses apply to stupid situations they get themselves into to justify their actions instead of taking the responsible road and become accountable for their actions. You only live once: obviously. Thank you for stating the obvious Drake. While there definitely are moments in life when you do something based upon spontaneity and not necessarily for specific reason, there are other terms in the English dictionary one can apply to situations similar. dictionary.com use it, you will learn.

Instead, today's youthful generation chooses to base life lessons and experiences based upon vocabulary they learn from a rapper. It is indeed unfortunate. So next time you are thinking of saying YOLO, ask yourself the question... am I a dumb ass? If the answer is yes then proceed to YOLO all you want. If not please consult a dictionary for a list of better terms to use for the situation you are in.


  1. What makes you think your opinion is more valid or correct than anyone else's?

    I've noticed a lot of your posts rely on judging and shaming people who are different from you. I want to see you grow as a writer. There's a huge difference between insightful and judgmental, and you are definitely more comfortable on the judgmental side.

    Open your world up to new experiences and new kinds of people. There's a huge world out there that you haven't seen. Try to see it with an open mind.

    Please don't take this as an attack. I really want you to take it to heart and learn from it.

    1. Alas, much of what of write is not judging others but being introspective upon my experiences and feelings. Many of my writings are expressing personal feelings that don't have a lot to do with others but are rather judgements upon myself and how I can improve as a person. I understand your suggestion though. I am still young and obviously a word from a 19 year old doesn't say much. I have much more to learn.

      why do I think my opinion is valid? because if one person is thinking/feeling it someone else is too. we are all not that unique as to have specific opinions to ourselves so whether you believe it or not doesn't matter, someone shares the same viewpoint. And never once have I said my opinion is "more valid or correct." opinion is opinion, it is not right or wrong. (accept when talking about yolo)

      why do i think i have the right to say yolo is stupid? Because it was invented by a rapper coming up with a phrase to make him feel less stupid for doing dumb things. my opinion is valid on that. YOLO IS STUPID. and if you honestly live by that phrase i have every right to call you a dumb ass. also you have to understand I am an extremely sarcastic person. if i make "judgments" about people i'm probably just trying to be funny.

      also who have i "shamed" from my writings? people who say yolo? yeah! I'll shame them all i want. If someone is doing something stupid, I'm gonna call them out on their bull shit. im not calling people out on being different than me. I'm calling people out on being dumbasses. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO SAY YOLO. other than that I hardly ever "shame" people.

      im a writer who likes to write about my feelings about my life. i don't often sit here and bitch about stupid people in this world. that would take too long. and i dont care enough about other people's issues to sit here and complain about them. so to be honest i have no idea where you think im being judgmental. but if you say yolo in a serious matter... im sure as hell gonna judge you.

    2. New anon here!

      First: YOLO YOLO YOLO

      Second, YOLO is not just a term for people to use as an excuse to do something stupid. I personally remind myself of YOLO because yes I do only live once and that I need to make the best of it and do my best. Also, YOLO has been used in sermons and by several christians. YOLO: You only live once so live your life for Christ. Does that sound very stupid and like it's being used by "dumbasses" to you?

    3. In my writing I noted that the "dumbasses" are people who use YOLO as an excuse to do stupid things and not feel guilty about it. I do think that is stupid.

      If you are using YOLO as a term by which to live your life through Christ, I have no judgements because I think that's great! And yeah we do only live once so we need to live out every day to the fullest and not waste the precious time we have here. I agree.

      All I am saying is that YOLO should not be used as a term to get people out of feeling guilty for doing stupid things.

  2. Your blog clearly says "Give me your feedback"... and when you actually receive honest feedback, you act like this. Hmm. It was not meant to be an attack, as I clearly stated before. I was really trying to push you to become a better writer. Novelists take constructive criticism and use it.

    Also, you don't have the right to judge ANYONE. Anyone in this entire world.

    1. Also, calm down. My writing was obviously sarcastic. And telling me to "not be judgmental" is not giving me good writing tips. Again, I do not sit here and judge people. My writings are generally centered around my issues and problems, not anyone else's.

  3. I do want feedback. What I don't want is people coming onto my blog and telling me things that aren't applicable. I do not sit here and judge people. at all. if you have read any of my writings you would understand that.