Alternate Personality

July 25, 2012

Every now and then being ones self can become too much of a burden. Keeping the same personality, same face, same smile, same bodily movements. It gets old, it gets boring, and every now and then change is imminent. Sometimes we dye our hair. Sometimes we get a tan. A new wardrobe maybe?

But sometimes this isn't even enough. Sometimes we turn to gophers, sometimes to ducks, sometimes to  crazed and oddly unattractive young women... and every now and then we turn into independent black women. Most often this happens at times of stress or when exhausted. Alcohol even brings out these personalities. While medication for these symptoms are generally recommended I choose to live my life allll natural. And by that I mean crazy.

With an alarm set for 5 in the morning to board a plane to Cali, tomorrow will be filled with ghetto talk and disgusting dancing. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Embrace your alternate personality.

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