July 16, 2012

That damn backspace button. I swear if I have to hit that thing one more... damnit. I hit it again.

Type type type. Ah there we go, one whole sentence. Backspace backspace backspace backspace. No more sentence. That backspace button haunts me. Haunts me like a black cat on Halloween or the ghost of some deceased king no one remembers. Pathetic, annoying, but so very powerful and so very effective. The necessity of the backspace button outlived it's usefulness a long while ago. For now its existence does more than change a simple grammar or spelling error, it changes thoughts and feelings.

Because don't we all know, it is so easy to hit that backspace button. To erase those thoughts and feelings we so wish we had the courage to write out and share. But that backspace button, that damn button. One click and we can erase those. Of course they aren't permanently gone, they are stuck in our brains with no intent on ever leaving. So there they stay and there we must see them day after day. But no one else can share that burden with us. Because of that backspace button.

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