Dark's Warm Arms

July 20, 2012

I'm suspended in mid air. Falling ever so slowly like cooled molasses. The world around me is moving ever so quickly by, but the lack of rest my brain has taken is leaving me in a what seems to be a permanent lull of space and time. My thoughts cannot meet any ends and here I am suspended wondering what I just spoke less than 2 minutes ago. I cannot recall. Questions and comments are coming at me from every direction, but even the familiar faces are not making any sense. Loose ends are whipping about in my head and on the outside I just close my eyes. I close my eyes, hoping to sleep, hoping to mend those loose ends, to remember my day and my thoughts, to recognize those I love.

But only time will tell. I become wary though as the dark approaches all too suddenly and I am left deciding to give in to whatever the darkness gives, or continue in a semi detached nature. The dark is coming and coming quick. But ah, it seems so comforting.

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