Falling Together

July 18, 2012

Sometimes things just need to fall apart. Sometimes you just need to break. Sometimes you just need to cry. Let out all of the feelings you have kept inside and all of the ones you didn't even know you had. And with the conclusion of lying on the floor weeping the next morning doesn't seem so bad. The sun seems a little brighter, the grass seems a little greener, the coffee seems a little richer, and all of your outfits seems to fit a little better.

Sometimes it takes completely falling apart for every to fall together again. Sometimes it takes feeling the pain and hurt to feel the happy. Sometimes it take some crying to do some laughing.

Break downs are never fun. Hurting is never fun. Questioning everything is never fun. But sometimes it's necessary in order for those little good things to reveal themselves. It takes disturbance, in order to feel complete peace. So in the end it's worth it. It's worth crying in order to smile and laugh the next morning.

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