Gamecube Controller

July 13, 2012

A cup of ice cold sweet tea and a video game controller in hand. What a lovely way to spend the evening that would be... would it not? No one to bother me, no one to grind my gears. Just the delectable prick of sweet tea on my tongue and repetitious clicking of A and B on my gamecube controller. Taking it back with some Spiderman 2 and even some Tony Hawk, reminiscing upon the days when I really could sit in my bed with my controller and not care what was going on around me. 

Hours would be spent in front of that television, of course this was not the best healthy choice of the time, but I enjoyed myself and I haven't lost too many brain cells from staring at the television. Now there is always something to care about, always something to stress over, always something to think about, and always something to keep you from sleeping at night. 6 years ago the only thing that would keep me up was the undying necessity to finally defeat Doctor Octavius in his watery shack of a lair. And when I stayed up until 3 A.M. defeating him, I had the ability to sleep in until noon the next day. Unfortunately those days come few and far between now because with every year I live, the responsibilities grow. I wouldn't change it. Responsibilities are good, but being able to spend even just one day with only my Gamecube controller would be better. 

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