July 1, 2012

Don't you just love those moments when you are sitting on the couch watching who knows what on tv surrounded by who knows who, and your gaze holds something or someone so far away, but the smile on your face never ceases to exist. You don't know what it is. The hair, the smile, the voice, the attitude, the personality, whatever it may be or a combination of all have you gazing and gazing hard.

People are calling your name and a party is being had around you, but you take none of it in and that is completely fine with you. Your mind is else where and so is your gaze. Your gaze, holding someone else's eyes. He may seem so impossible. He may seem like a dream. But your lives have crossed and there is no uncrossing them. Whether he knows it or not, whether people care or not, whether I am stupid or not, he's got my gaze and there is no changing that.

It may go somewhere, it may not. But that is okay, that is perfectly okay because it leaves you interested, it leaves you something to hope for. To wonder about. To day dream for. To gaze at.

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