Hater Free

July 5, 2012

Dear readers of all shapes, sizes, and colors it has recently been brought to my attention that some people every now and then disagree with some of the opinions that are posed through my writings. I complained and I ranted and I let my blood boil about the situation when I realized, I was better than that. It was tough for me to conclude but in the end who was I to sit there immaturely pouting because someone didn’t like what I wrote? That is plain old stupid.

Movie stars and popstars always seem to be talking about their “haters.” About how being put in the spotlight forces you to understand that there are a lot of unforgiving people out there who have nothing better to do with their time and brain power than to bash someone they don’t even know. But that is the responsibility people are thrust upon with when they put their hearts and ideas and feelings out there for the world to see. It is such a common topic of discussion amongst the rich and famous of this world that it seems somewhat silly to be referencing them, but it’s true. Haters will be haters. End of story. And people like myself or people like you can sit there in your room and pout like bitches who just got dumped and sink their feelings in a tub of chunky monkey or you can understand that there are some dumb as shit people in this world and they are not worthy of our attention.

They aren’t worth giving into and they are not worth getting upset about. And while it can be beyond difficult to put away that chunky monkey, it will bring you strength and power over those who unfairly judge you. We are alive and we are living and wasting it by crying about those dumb asses of this world only make you out to be one of those dumb asses. Those are the people to ignore and put out of your mind, because if you are doing what you love and if you are doing it honestly,there are no valid criticisms or insults.

So next time someone pushes you around for doing what you love just remember this “Fuck bitches, and take all of their money” because then you can be happy, rich, and hater free.


  1. Good for you! Life is too short to care about the people who only want to bring you down. For me, your blog was a much needed reminder of this :)

  2. While I applaud you for not letting the haters get you down, it's not okay to call someone that disagrees with you "dumb as shit".