Here's to Being Awkward

July 2, 2012

Here's to being awkward. Here's to owning a situation with bizarre glances and goofy chuckles. Here's to oddly ugly faces and careless trips. Here's to sport shorts and t-shirts. Here's to no make-up and slightly nappy hair. Here's to turning tomato red. Here's to not always knowing what to say. And here's to not caring.

We are who we are, and everyone can be, has been, and will be awkward. Smoothness and grace comes every now and then. But when our true selves are revealed, everyone can be weird, awkward, goofy, derpy, nervous... and that's okay. Because that makes us who we are. It makes us human. It makes us real. It gives us substance.

It gives strangers a uniting factor when they accept that no one is perfect and everyone has quirks. Laughter at this commonality ties those miles apart, together. I am proud to be awkward, and while sometimes it can seem a hindrance, it makes me who I am and it makes you who you are.

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