July 9, 2012

With a nice headache in place and a sore body to accompany it, any effort to move or think is declined by an exhausted body. Thoughts are racing a thousand miles an hour though none of them make any sense all jumbled in a mess of aches. Things are needing to get accomplished, but unfortunately the body's revolt stops any further success on these tasks.

Time seems to drag as the world turns into a tornado. The twisting, turning, ripping, of logical thoughts turns even the most practical person into a wandering lamb. No direction, no sight set; just simple wandering. Wandering itself seems to come to a halt as the muscles in the body allow no further movement. Stuck in a standstill of aches and pains. Physical and mental. Bears have it lucky; hibernation greets them with love every year. What do we get but maybe a 6 hour night sleep, if even. Hibernation. That indeed would be nice.

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