July 3, 2012

For someone who always has something to say coming across moments when words escape you… it’s terrifying. You are sitting there with your mouth half open and a confused stare on your face because racking your brain for any sort of response yields absolutely nothing.

It’s terrifying because for a control freak, not being in control of a situation and not knowing what to say turns chatty cathy into a silent susan. That’s right silent Susan. You stare into the eyes of what seems to be a stranger and as they wait for a response you blink, turn red, and mumble something about not knowing what to say. And when they ask you to clarify you mumble some more making it apparent you obviously don’t understand the situation. It makes me red, it makes me sweat, it makes me itch, it makes me twitch.

It’s the worst, the worst, the worst. I get embarrassed and I get frustrated. But I have to remember, I’m human. And I won’t always have the answers, I won’t always know what to say.  But I am human, and I’m pretty sure I know that… sometimes I’m not quite sure…

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