Humble Roots

July 22, 2012

Nothing like reminiscing. Like pulling out the old Jonas Brothers album and recall the days when I took every lyric seriously. Or riffling through picture after pointless picture of me doing everyday tasks like homework and the dishes; pictures my mom apparently felt were crucial to the success of our picture books. Or cracking open a Box Car Children book, the ones I used to sit in solace for hours drooling over. What about that box of old dolls and things your mom kept. You apparently played with when you were two.

It's nice every now and then to see where you were then and how that made you who you are today. Where you came from and how far you have come since those days. Because no matter where life leads us there is that one place we all came from. No matter how large our names become one day they were once very very small. And it is important to remember that, to keep your humble roots. Because you are no different from anyone else.

Unless you are Brangelina's kids. You were fucking born famous.

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