The Inevitable Pranks of Writer's Block

July 11, 2012

Ladies an Gentlemen my Internet is currently down in my household. None of the computers work, not. Even. Netflix. (this might be an issue) but here I am on my phone to type out my writing for the day. So I sincerely apologize for any misspelled words.

Life as a writer is not as easy as it may appear. There is a constant demand for your written word to be presented. Formally, informally, blogpost, school paper, work assignment... it's non-stop and I can attest to the fact that there is always another project around the corner, always something to be working on... but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Unfortunately Writer's Block often wiggles its way into my already busy schedule making it nearly impossible to complete what I am needing to. As if it is playing some silly trick on me. Take a hint Writer's Block: it's not funny! I sit here hour after hour staring at a blank word document trying my absolute hardest to produce at least one thoughtful and well constructed sentence, but you, oh you being the prankster that you are pull me as far away from the word doc as possible disconnecting my brain from the muscles that allow me to type. So clever.

So here I am stuck between pulling an all nighter to salvage what's left of my career or giving up and letting Writer's Block take the win on this one. I'm normally not one to give up, but those days come when it doesn't mattered if you write one page or 600, it's all going to suck.

I suppose there is nothing I can do about this tragedy but wait out its cursed ways; but what can I say? What a royal pain in the ass you are being Writer's Block, a royal pain in the ass.

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