Life of Climbing Stairs

June 30, 2012

With an endless amount of stairs ahead of me I began to climb. With every step my ever so out of shape calves began to burn more and more until soon enough they are shaking with fatigue. I decide to sit down and rest for a while knowing very well that getting back up will be nearly impossible. But I did it anyways, I knew I had to.

With the completion of each flight of stairs I was fully convinced the end of the stair maze would end and leave me with my destination, but this was not the case. The stairs kept going and going for what seemed like forever. Before I knew it I was nearly dragging my legs along pulling myself up each stair with a yank from my arms. It was a slower method of movement, but it was movement nevertheless because I was not going to give up. I would keep climbing those stairs.

The sound their metal frame made when I pounded up each step began to seep further and further into my brain and soon enough became a solid ringing in my ear. When I stopped moving to take breaks the air in the stair well seemed offly empty. So very soundless. As more time passed my body soon became numb. I was moving slower than any turtle and with exhausted eyes closed, guessing where each move needed to be placed tired on out even more.

It seemed as if there would never be an end to those stairs. That I would always be struggling and always be trying to climb those stairs, to reach that destination. But every time I thought I got close I was humbled to realize a life of climbing stairs was all that i had...

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