July 17, 2012

I'm here in limbo with no one but myself and a damn mosquito that refuses to let me end his life. He has not successfully bitten me and yet he is still trying. Here I am sitting in a pointless existence with an extremely driven mosquito. I'm sitting here on the floor in the cliche white world waiting for something to happen. But of course nothing does. The mosquito keeps hopping about and I am pretty sure I have counted every particle of dust my delusional brain has conjured up and still nothing has changed.

How long am I to be here? I question out loud. Who am I hoping hears this? The Mosquito? Because he is not about to end his own life to give me some form of entertainment or hope that maybe at some point something will change.

At this point I am welcoming a bite from that mosquito, at least it would give me something to do, itch. Itch until my skin bleeds then what? Watch it heal?

Back and forth, the same circle of thoughts crosses my mind and yet nothing seems to happen but this melancholy existence. But i can't give up hope, I need something to happen. Something, something at all. Even the smallest something would give me hope that i'm not completely delusional.

Where is that mosquito? I want him to bite me.

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