My Paradise

July 26, 2012

Who knew a three hour plane ride and a 25 minute drive in the car would bring me straight to the face of true paradise. There is water on my toes and a warm jacket around my shoulders. With a coffee in my hand and a camera around my neck the beautiful and new world around me is captured, forever in my brain. Good company and the best of friends brightens the colors around me and the happiest of moments become perfect. Cafes and diners, shops and ice cream parlors; the world around me could not get anymore cliche and I would not change a thing about it.

With the wind whipping all around me and the cool ocean spray on my face, perfection is nearly reached. The tiny droplets of water hitting my face seem to be magic. Even when the smallest runt of them hit my face I can feel the most magnificent of tingling feelings amongst my body. It spreads to cover every single part of my body and the world on the outside of this little perfect bubble doesn't seem to matter. 

Words with special friends and long walks with the best of friends, paradise can not get any better. My paradise is magic, magic full of life, calmness, coolness, and more than anything love. 

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