Only Today

July 14, 2012

To be quite honest, today is not a day for intellectual thoughts. Those days come, but sorry to say, not today. Today is about laughing about having a good time. About sharing special memories with people you care about and not caring what other people think when they take a glance. About smiling at the small things and being thankful for the big things because we were given this life for a reason, and we shouldn’t waste it.

Today is about recognizing the small moments, the ones you spend with a best friend or a friend you are getting to know. About the small but meaningful words that are exchanged that give us a glance into the mind of the other. Today is about being assertive and taking what you want and not regretting your decisions, but rather accepting them because at some point in your thought process you made them for a reason.

Today is a day to be thankful for life. Because while sometimes it rains, the rain brings beauty in solace. The flowers grow amongst a violent storm and trees dance amongst the wind. People rest and people sleep and with the morning sun comes the refresher we all need.

Be thankful for today. Because today is the only today we have. 

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