Our Mild Hearts

July 4, 2012

Sometimes it's not about who's right or who's wrong in a fight or argument or battle, but what morals are being upheld and most importantly who is getting hurt and who is struggling. It's about who needs support. It isn't always about punishment, but rather sorting through difficult patches and hard times to help those that we care about come out on top and living life the way it should be lived. With happiness and joy not depression and pressure.

It often becomes difficult to distinguish between the darkness of anger and the light of moving forward because for some reason, anger seems to come easy. Moving forward and taking the right steps to fix what is broken, somehow ends up being so difficult. It's a struggle to contain anger and an even bigger to finally let it go because no matter what the people we care about are what matter most and it is our responsibility as loved ones to support them, no matter how broken they are or how much they are struggling. Here's to understanding the confused and turning something so frustrating and difficult to something so joyous and easy. And by extension learning ourselves the importance of a mild heart.

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