Sleep When You're Dead

July 21, 2012

I write about sleep way too much. I write about wanting sleep. I write about needing sleep. I write about falling asleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. I'm even annoying myself at this point to be quite honest with you. Even a day with a sufficient amount asleep still ends up causing the person to need it more.

I cannot even remember a day where I wasn't sleepy or didn't feel tired. Also the number of cups of coffee I consume in a day to combat this ever so bothersome situation is continuously climbing. And based upon research and previous calculations it will continue to climb until may one day my gravestone will read "Here lies Nicole M. Darling, she was always tired."

What must one simple human being do to get enough sleep in this life?! I have seriously considered hibernation as a means of healing, but nothing seems to work. Exhaustion is like a permanent plague that feeds off of people's sleeping hours. So I suppose I could sit here and tell you how tired I am, but I could also say fuck it...

Because you can sleep when you're dead right?

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