The Dark Knight Has Risen

July 19, 2012

Dear readers, let's talk. Me to you, you to me. Let's have a chat.

I sat in a movie theatre for nearly 8 hours this evening. And for those of you who may oddly check the time I am posting this it is around 3:30 in the morning I think, not positive (I don't remember how to read time after tonight). I sat in a movie theatre for 8 hours. 6 of those spent doing absolutely nothing, and about 2 of those hours having my fucking brain balls blown out of my fucking head! The 6 hours I can honestly say was more than worth the wait.

To be quite honest, the only midnight premiers I have been to before have been most of the Harry Potter movies and The Hunger Games. And while all of those movies are wonderful and amazing (this next part remember coming from a major Harry Potter fan) The Dark Knight Rises was quite possibly one of the best films, I have seen, ever. While there will always be critics, I have to honestly say that dear old Christopher Nolan, has done it again, and he's done it perfectly.

I was indeed quite skeptical, considering Heath Ledger was not to make any further appearances. He 100% owned the Dark Knight and I was worried this 3rd installment wasn't going to do it justice. But it did.

Fantastic directing. Fantastic acting. Fantastic teching. I could go on, it was worth the wait, it was worth my money, it was 100% worth it. If you were not able to go to the midnight premier (or even if you were) go see it. See it again. And again. And again. Because that movie truly represents talent in all fields of movie making.

It is now 3:42 according to my clock (I think) and while I will not be able to sleep tonight, I bid you farewell. Go see it. Just, just go.

Editors note: please disregard any and all spelling/grammar mistakes. Like I said, my brain balls exploded so I cannot be held reliable for my small errors.

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