Why So Serious?

July 29, 2012

Coming from a person who takes things too seriously all the time, I am finally saying to not take everything so seriously. What is the point really, in blowing things out of proportion? What is the point in getting upset over something that in the scheme of things doesn't matter one bit and will do more harm than good? There is no point whatsoever. There comes a time when middle school habits and behaviors must fade to build a mature young adult. One with a level head and understands the importance of what is serious and what isn't. Someone who can take life with a grain of salt knowing very well that 99% of the population will overreact and take things all too seriously. A goofy fight with a boyfriend or a disagreement with a parent has a small amount of significance in terms of the bigger picture at hand.

What is the point in overreacting and by extension making yourself miserable with the fear of an argument or fight? Sometimes life is meant to just be lived and not to be over thought. Sometimes, what is, is just supposed to be. And sometimes, though it can be difficult, we can't change that. And we have to accept that.

Pull your head out of the immaturity. Move away from the world of annoy and premature text messages to a world where a level head can relax you and open up the doors you might have not seen before. Not so serious.

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