A Hostage to the Couch

August 5, 2012

It's a day when everything hurts. Head and lungs alike. Throat and stomach too. Muscles and joints feel like that of a decrepit old man, and the body refuses to perform like it should. I yearn for the day when it all stops. When I can wake up in the morning without dosing myself full of meds simply to walk to the couch.

But the thought of that painless day gives me the hope to yank myself out of bed, to take those meds to make myself feel better. It is on the horizon I can feel it. The day I can run out of the house in the morning and go all day without the fear of collapsing in exhaustion or a fit of fevers. It is these sick days that make me appreciate the well ones I have. Day after day after day of laying on a bed or a couch make me jealous of those who have the ability to get off that couch. I want those days back. Those days when the couch doesn't hold me hostage. It's coming, and soon I hope.

The flu sucks.

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