A New Dawn

August 10, 2012

Certain moments don't come very often for most people. Those certain moments when you realize everything is going to change. From that point in time, the past is %100 the past and everything that is going to happen is totally unknown. Day to days change as well as the people involved in them.

It's difficult to come to terms with. To think that tonight I'm going to sleep on one world, but tomorrow I will wake up in a completely new one. It scares some people, it excites some people. But those are rare moments, and they are to be cherished. Two worlds are separated by the flight of a plane or an hour long car ride. Someone gone, someone left behind.

Different worlds are to be had, and while with trepidation come, they should be exciting. We are here to see all we can see, and experience all we can experience. Take these precious moments and learn from them. Take the most you can simply for the fact that it IS a new experience and it could be a new dawn.

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