Blank Word Doc

August 29, 2012

In front of me was a stack of books 4 text books high. On top of that sat 3 notebooks. To my left was a planner filled so full of to do tasks that the extras had to be written in the margin; those tasks didn't even have a line. To my right was a laptop whose attitude was getting on my last nerve. Instead of making things easy like they claim to do, the display screen in front of me read ERROR with hundreds and hundreds of words in bright red telling me it could not complete the simple task I had asked of it, of course. Behind that screen was a blank word document that demanded my attention immediately in order to meet the deadline the next day. With only a few hours left in the night that word doc was going to have to go from drab to fab, and my fab I mean contain a whole lot of information I absolutely do not know. Woops.

One day into class and everything seems to be blurring together to create one giant ball of stress that sleep could not exactly fix, because the next day those tasks would still be waiting for me to complete regardless of how much I wished them away. But because wishing never gets anything done, I am going to start some doing.

Blank word doc, I am your master... bow to me.

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