Buying Grades: The Issue in Public Schools

August 7, 2012

With the start of the school year comes the back to school shopping kids anticipate and budgets dread. There is the new backpack, the pencil case, the fancy binders and folders, and the list goes on. Trip after trip to the store racks up the budget even before classes begin.

But even after classes begin, costs still build up, but are they fair this time? From my time in high school and from my siblings’ time in school, I am no stranger to the things that go on in the classroom. Teachers often offer their students extra credit or bonus points for bringing in school supplies for the room such as, Kleenex boxes, hand sanitizer, expo markers, etc. While my mom was always willing to provide these for me to help my grade, our hearts always went out to those who aren’t able to do so. In McKinney there is the rich of the rich, but there is also the poor of the poor who worry if they will be able to eat breakfast or dinner that day; they are not given the luxury of worrying about buying extra school supplies, it just even isn’t an option.

My fairness scale is coming into question when this goes on in the classroom. So many schools pride themselves on given each student a fair opportunity to succeed based upon academics and hard work. While classroom after classroom holds inspirational posters about this “fairness”, bonus points are being given away not for academics or hard work but for the amount of money mommy and daddy have in their pockets, and that is simply not right. It is unfair to give students who can afford to buy their grade an unfair advantage over those who can’t.

What do you think? Should this be allowed to take place in the classroom?

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  1. I'm sorry but this is just a little over the top. Are you aware of the salary teachers make and how much they are given for school supplies each year? About 200$ is given for general school supplies (Kleenex, Germ-x, etc) which is not even close enough to cover everything they need. Another 300$ can come out of the teachers pockets, just for something the school should supply. As for the grades, the teachers will never give anything worth more than a daily homework grade. When averaged with everything else it makes a very small difference in the students overall grade. While there is the sad truth that some kids truly can't afford the extra supplies, the teachers will not withhold the extra credit from them. Teachers will be informed of those students financial situation, and if the student actually wants the extra credit, the teacher will accomodate them in some other way (Helping after school, extra assignments, or what ever the teachers sees fit). I hope this changes your opinion on the matter