California Longing

July 31, 2012

Here I am back in the state with the cowboy boots, really big hair, and temperatures over 100. The empty baggage claim seems to be tearing into my soul demonically laughing in my face knowing that my misery has returned and the dream state I was living in wasn't going to last forever. While a life of bliss and nightly walks on the beach would be splendid I know my time here will be well spent, but trust me California, I'll be back; and that is a promise.

Such beautiful places were not created to be ignored and such wonderful memories were not made to be forgotten. I'll be back to see more sights and I'll be back to make more memories. A safe haven, if you will, a place of paradise.

My stressors and troubles returned with the descending flight forcing me to take them on, but after all is said and done and when my stressors and troubles have passed I will venture to paradise once again. A paradise where time doesn't stop me, where the ocean waves pull away my stressors, and where the sun rays burn off my troubles. I'll be back.

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