August 6, 2012

Dear E-Care Emergency Care Center,

My name is Nicole Darling and I am a nineteen year-old sick as a dog patient at your establishment. I come in expecting to fill out some paper work, get my throat swabbed with the abnormally large and rather funny looking Q-tip, and walk out with a prescription in hand to cure my deeply seeded sickness that I have been henceforth suffering from. A quick visit in and out with minor cuts and bruises that will send me on my way to a somewhat healthy life.

Unfortunately being held up in a dimly lit, cold as ice, paper covered room for two hours does not further my hopes at getting well but rather stifles them. While I lost most hope when I saw you did not in fact have a sink in your bathroom I still expected some sort of timeliness when it comes to your patients as some of them, ahem myself, have literally been drug through hell and back over the past 4 days of sore throats, fevers, and heads over toilets. But I suppose that is simply too much to ask of a doctors facility where the primary goal is to heal sick people. After speaking with four nurses and a doctor I was finally after hours of waiting given my prescription, which then warranted me to wait another hour while I waited for Walgreens to fill it.

I would appreciate timeliness in the future. I have beds to sleep in and sicknesses to get over that I simply do not have the time in my busy sick schedule to deal with your shenanigans.

Also, I threw up my medicine. Thank you and goodnight.

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