From the End to the Beginning

August 27, 2012

Alright, here comes a typical post about summer fading away and the school year taking its place. It was a good summer I have to say. It was more than needed. It gave time to relax, but time to grow as well. Time to think and time to learn from the decisions I made throughout the previous year. Work was done, but a lot of fun was had and massive amounts of brilliant memories were made; they will not be forgotten.

Hearts healed and minds were cleansed. Lessons about life and about love were taught and were learned. With the heat came the dying of all things stale and broken and in its place fresh thoughts and actions grew to hold on strong. It isn't often that people are given three months of consistent blessings, but it seems that somewhere down in McKinney, Texas blessings were showered down in hopes of restoring happiness and faith.

While the summer must end and the school year takes its place, the blessings given and lessons taught will never be forgotten. They will stay strong and present through memories and through marvelous words to capture every single moment and breath. And with new opportunities on the horizon the learning, growing, and loving continues through blessings all around us. Just keep your eyes open.

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