Germans are the Best, and You Know it

August 4, 2012

I don't know what it is about Germans that just freakin make my day. Is it the way they talk? Is it their facial expressions? I just don't understand the hilarity behind it all but they simply crack me up. I knew I had an obsession when I snapped back into reality and realized I had been watching YouTube videos made by this hilariously melancholy German for two hours. And yes I was sitting alone, at my desk, laughing aloud to myself for two hours. Woops. But what can I say for myself? Other than I have a guilty obsession with watching YouTube videos made by Germans.

Maybe it's the way they say "Oh Yaaa!" in that unmistakable high pitched voice. Or the fact that they talk about wienerschnitzel on a consistent basis. My heart literally flutters with excitement when I hear a German speak. It is just so unbelievably hilarious.

If you haven't done so already please go check out Flula on YouTube. I swear I'm in love. Warning: You may pee your pants out of excitement, just saying.

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