Gettin' Cheesy and What Not

August 23, 2012

Time to get cheesy.

Most people would consider me a social butterfly. I can hold my own in a conversation, I enjoy meeting new people, I’m generally good with first impressions, I can go into a room not knowing anyone and make a friend and have a good time. This is all good and dandy. Small talk is my specialty; I could do it all day. Words are my best friend. I know which ones fit together and make sense. I can formulate a sentence perfectly to be exactly what someone wants to hear. No problem, and I’m not afraid to boast a little bit.

What I’m not good at is feelings. Feelings trip me up and leave me like an awkward little child. I stutter and contradict myself and nothing comes out the way that it needs to. When it’s something more than the weather or school or jobs or checking in on the family… I falter. And that is why writing is so perfect, talking doesn’t make sense half the time, but when you write it down you can force the words to make the meaning exactly what you want to be. No more word vomit, but perfectly constructed sentences displaying not what people want to hear, but what the heart wants to say.

Some people hate writing, and that’s fine. But for me, there’s no other way. My writings are not only my heart, but my mouth as well. I would have no words if I couldn’t write them. 

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