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August 19, 2012

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I'm sounding cliche and movie script like to say this, but there is a good reason it is always said. Guard your heart. It is one thing to admit a crush and one thing to get the giggles in front of a cute boy in your class, but when that moment comes when you find yourself falling for someone, be careful.

Hearts are delicate, like a finely crafted teacup with ridges and handles that could snap and break at any moment if they are not treated with care. So is the heart. A thing so wrapped in love and caring that if not treated right can shatter and turn to a pile of sloppy emotionless crap. Love and all things like it are touchy territory; when to admit feelings, when to take it to the next step, when to say I love you and the questions go on and on. It is not an easy road to navigate and caution is needed in order to stay safe.

Giving the heart away too soon can be one of the most damaging injuries a persons emotions can obtain. Putting full trust and faith into one single person is a lot to ask and can often times back fire. That isn't to say love is not a beautiful thing because I believe it is the most beautiful, but caution is needed in order to avoid the heartbreak that is to inevitably come in most situations.


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