Grand Prize

August 18, 2012

I was sitting in a rolling office chair with my feet tucked up and a smile on my face. Relaxation and comfort come in the middle of my brand new workspace. After listening to lecture after lecture and tour after tour for 6 and a half hours I was exhausted and excited to spend some time with the people I will be spending half of my time with from now on.

It was the 5 of us. The fantastic 5. The fab 5. Whatever nick name you so please as to give to us. Our laid back and fearless leader brought us all together for obvious reasons. We were all skilled with marketing techniques. We were all creative. We were all nerds. We were all the coolest people you will ever meet.

Most workplaces satisfy the cliche dress pants and blouse policy with everyone sitting at their respective cubicles with only the sound of fingers on keys to break the air. We fill the air with bad jokes, sounds of classic 90's music, and the hum of ideas being bounced around.

We were all so different, we were all so unique, but the best team ever? Yes, indeed. We must be thankful and we must stay humble, but when it comes to blowing everyone else out of the water, we will have the grand prize.

*sorry for any grammatical/spelling errors. Exhausted tonight!

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