Gut Feeling

August 22, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, gather around, lets have a chat. A chat about boys. A chat about girls. About emotions. About feelings. And about freakin life.

Sometime emotions get the best of us. They tell us what to say and how to act and screw things up a lot of the time. Not to say emotions aren't important, because obviously they are, but sometimes their existence hinders us from making the right choices. From doing what our gut tells us to do. Emotions make us over think things and turn one thing into another. Sometimes emotions get the best of us. And sometimes we have to ignore them.

A gut feeling is not one to be ignored. It often tells us when something is right, or when something is wrong. Or it tells us to do something for no reason at all. A gut feeling can be a good friend, it bypasses the string of emotions that come after a thought. A gut feeling hits us where is truly matters, listen to it.

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