John Green, You Brilliant Nerd You

                                                         August 1, 2012

Gentlemen, Ladies, readers of all kind I did it. I finally finished an Abundance of Katherine's by John Green. For my regular readers you might remember at the beginning of the summer I made a book list of all of the books I was going to read this summer. Spoiler alert, I finished ONE WHOLE BOOK. Boom. Suck on that reading list. I know I know, I suck a little bit. But to continue on with the main point...

John Green, my fellow nerd, you have done it again. An Abundance of Katherine's entertained and enthralled me the entire 215 pages (yes, I did just reference the book to type the exact number of pages). Being the nerd reader I am, I stick mostly to books that involve at least one or two fairytale like symbols. Dragons, swords, wands, magic, talking animals... you get the gist. But, I can honestly say that after reading any of John Green's novels I feel a sense of emptiness because I become so attached to the characters. I am completely engrossed. It's as if someone is telling these magnificent tales at the lunch table, those tales that have everyone enthralled. So regardless of your book preferences please take the time to read one of John Green's novels. He is quite the writer if I do say so myself.

Next book? Paper Towns by John Green. Let's see how long this one takes me...

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  1. Looking for Alaska by John Green is my favorite book of all time. Also: nerdfighters. YouTube search it.