Let Loose

August 20, 2012

I am not the type of person to condone letting loose on a consistent basis due to my overwhelming sense of control, but every now and then when the day becomes overwhelmingly rough, let loose; just let it go. Break out the Ke$ha tunes and dance in front of all of your friends with no shame. Share an embarrassing story, crank out the party self, and have a good time not worrying about what you have to do tomorrow or what this week is demanding of you, it will kill you eventually.

Text a best friend and text a stranger knowing that this feeling of looseness may only come once in a blue moon, just don't screw it up. Have some fun, maybe go a little crazy and don't do anything you will regret too much in the morning.

Let loose for a minute, maybe two or three, maybe those will turn into hours and that into an entire night. Have some fun, get the crazy out, and come back to reality the next morning fully accepting whatever the world could throw at you.

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