Livin' La Vida Loca

August 17, 2012

After a long day of hauling boxes, emptying said boxes, putting together various items of furniture, and organizing like a boss, apartment life is turning out to be spectacular. Though i've only had one day under my belt, the life of an apartment living college student is no less than fabulous. Of course it can be expensive and your meals aren't paid for you, so I suppose that could put a damper on the royal life an apartment liver seems to have, but nonetheless it is still fabulous.

With a kitchen, a bathroom, a family room, etc. to call mine, how can I not feel totally at home? Haven't tried apartment life yet? Give it a go, it's a blast. Of course when the beginning of the month comes and I have to pay rent I might not like it as much. But for now, the ease and peace of going and coming back to an open multi faceted facility I call home will keep me more than happy.

The freedom makes the situation most appealing. While dorm rooms offer a definite change from living at home under mommy and daddy's rules, apartment life presents a whole new level of independence signaling the end of childhood and the beginning of the rest of your life. It's a little bit crazy if you think about it.

Off I go to peruse my apartment one last time before I fall asleep in my new home.

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