Number 10

August 12, 2012

I'll never be a 10 on the hot list. I'll never be the girl walking around in sport shorts and a t-shirt that maintains the upmost level of fabulous. I will never be the girl that boys fall head over heals for as they walk past. I just won't be.

I'll be the one with pretty red hair that always has some degree of frizzies going on. I will always have short legs that tend to look stubby at first glance. I will always have an adorable, but slightly crooked smile. I will always have oddly colored eyes that will never seem to pop. Sport shorts and t-shirts make me look like I just woke up from hibernation. But honestly, who am I to worry? It gets me sometimes, that the football players and ultimate hotties of the universe may never fall for me, but again, who am I to worry?

I have been given so much. I have so much going for me that doesn't involve falling in love and starting a family. I am the way that I am for a reason; and unlike most people think, the opinions of boys aren't all that matter in the world. Own what you have, because it is what you have been given and to throw it away is a disrespect towards yourself. From one odd and awkward girl to another, we don't all look like number 10. And that's okay.

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