On This Day

August 15, 2012

She stormed into her room, somewhat viciously tossed her bag onto her bed and plopped down in her desk chair letting her head smack down on the desk surface. Though it stung, it felt surprisingly good.

She reached for the half full coffee mug next to her laptop forgetting it had been stagnating for two hours and was disgustingly cold as ice. She drank it anyways; it was that kind of day. She checked her email hoping nothing had popped up while she was out, to find her inbox was full to the brim of requests and assignments from all directions. She was overwhelmed and promptly shut her laptop to crawl into bed in hopes of forgetting about the world for a while.

Those 2 and a half minutes were glorious, then the phone rang. She gave it a small shout before answering it in hopes it would shut it up…  but, it didn’t. Another assignment she thought, just as I was dozing into sleep another assignment, and yes, another assignment it was.

Her eyes were drooping and her head was pounding, she was not meant to be awake at this hour. No, she was meant to be curled up in a blanket falling asleep to the hilarious jokes of Family Guy on Netflix, but of course that fantasy could not be allowed to happen. It would mean she was enjoying life that much, and life is not that enjoyable. More assignments were not welcome. The stress is not welcome, the annoyance is not welcome, the immaturity is not welcome.

A life is a life and when it is blessed we are to be overjoyed. Time to find the blessing in this day.

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