August 13, 2012

A little bit longer and maybe some peace will come. A little bit longer and all goodbyes will be done. A little bit longer and the reign of stifled independence will end. A little bit longer and I might just be able to breathe.

In a world of my own and a place I can call mine, I will dwell and thrive like the boost of a weed after a good rain. My roots will delve deep and hold tight and will be stubborn to be ripped loose. I will take all I can, earn what I can't take, change everything that I have the power to change, and accept the things I can't. I will grow alone and with others and what I have accomplished will once and for all have my name tied to it. It is well overdue my bags be packed and my very own journey begins.

While our journeys have twists and turns and climbs and falls, they are our own to do with what we please and that cannot be taken away. So don't give it away. Own it for it is yours, and no one else's journey. It is time to step outside the realm of what is familiar and out of the smog that is our past and breathe the fresh new air of our own futures. Time to breathe.

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