The Adventures of an Awkward College Girl

August 25, 2012

Hello from the awkward college girl who would rather dance in the bathroom at a party than on the actual dance floor where actual people with actual balls dance. Oops. I am the awkward college girl who instead of pretending to stink at beer pong to get the hot guys to help me throw the ball can actually demolish at beer pong and does so at every possible chance. I swear it should be an olympic sport.

Being awkward has it's disadvantages. If I wore heals to an event that actually required walking I would fall and totally eat it. I know very well how to walk in heals but if any portion of my concentration faltered I would be on the floor. Short 5'3" stature for life! Advantage you may ask? I'm not like the other girls who get drunk and grind on every guy who walks by. And I actually own a shirt in a color other than pink. ahhh, who knew right? I like to think of myself as a little bit of fresh air, conceited? Maybe, but confidence is key. I am confident in my awkward abilities, but I think it can be fun.

Instead of gracefully approaching a cute guy and shaking hands with him and introducing myself with a  little sparkle in my eye, I instead, trip and slide on the floor while reaching for his hand, of course, making a complete fool out of myself... at least it is a good conversation starter right?

A 19 year old should be more poised and collected amongst people her own age, but some wires were mixed somewhere amongst the planning and she turned out to awkwardly make her way through life. Own the awkwardness, you never know what it might bring you!

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