The Thrilling and Moneyless Life of a 19 Year Old Journalist

August 21, 2012

At the age of 18 or 19 most young college students dream of making it into the sorority or fraternity of their choice, maybe a goal of making a 4.0 the first semester, making lots of friends, partying a little bit, a hope to gain independence of mommy and daddy and live on their own for once. But every now and then you find one who worries about deadlines, what next weeks column is going to be about, will I get enough hours to pay my bills, I need to have photos for that article, my recorder stopped half way through the interview, I needed to have this video script done a day ago, what is today’s blog post going to be about, are we getting enough readers… the list goes on.

While college is about further education and getting good grades to hopefully obtain a job in the profession of your choice later in life, this writer seems to be focused on other things; which can be good... and bad.

Of course grades are important and getting school work done is a necessary evil, the yearn to write an article or film a video seem to overtake the importance of finishing that government homework I had. And of course money issues present themselves once again. While I did choose the struggling life of a journalist, money issues can be the worst to deal with. And as a journalist the pay doesn’t exactly meet up to that of an engineer or a doctor… though it should.

Money is tight and school becomes boring, but the life of a journalist never fails to be interesting. Always a new story, always new people to meet, always new places to explore and things to learn; who in their right mind would not absolutely love that?

People give the oh so subtle “oh really?” when I mention my occupation and major. An oh so subtle hint of disapproval because it might not be the career choice with the highest paycheck, but the benefits and experiences are infinite, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

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