August 26, 2012

You would be surprised what time and what wisdom and what some growing up will bring. New worlds and new experiences bring knowledge that a small home town may have never brought you. Big cities and tall buildings won't bring this necessarily, but places, experiences, people, that are different from your usual people you see at Walmart will bring this knowledge.

This knowledge helps you grow. It brings you past the naivety you grew up practicing. It opens your eyes to all that can be out there. It will bring you to places you never thought you would be. Bring you to people you never in a million years would have expected yourself to connect with. It can seem weird sometimes to think you have grown enough to be in that place, I know it can be weird for me sometimes but it puts a smile on my face. To know that anything can happen. It gives me hope that while maybe the timing is wrong right now the future could bring things we never would expect. The future could be on my side.

Maybe in this right now world it isn't all meant to be, but in the next world, the next experience, the future, things could be different. It's hopeful.

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