A World of Changes

September 17, 2012

College is full of classes and busy homework and working and friends and parties and  changes. Changes in environment. Changes in familiarity. Changes in routine. Changes in people. Changes in food. Changes in independence.

So many people, including myself, go off to college thinking it is going to be this huge adventure. You are finally free from your parents seemingly Hitler like reign and you can make all decisions for yourself. Life will be great and perfect and look like the movies… until you actually get there. That isn’t to say college isn’t the most exciting part of a persons life because it very well might be, but it’s stereotypical personality is 100% false.

So many students over estimate their ability to adjust to all these changes; myself included. It is okay to feel out of place for a while. It is okay to not perfectly “fit in” with the college crowd. Starting a new life in a new town isn’t easy. Give yourself time and give yourself a break. Patience is important, and that is coming from the most impatient person I have ever met, me. Learn it, love it, you will be happier.

Take college with a grain of salt. Don’t always expect things to be perfect, but make the most out of every situation. 

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