Absolutely Nothing

September 18, 2012

I have absolutely no idea what on earth I could possibly write about at this moment. But through the course of ramblings that you are more than welcome to to listen in on, I might figure it out. I thought about writing something political, but realized I didn't have the brain power or the time to do that tonight; it will be coming though so, watch out. I thought about writing some emotional shit, but realized my body is incapable of feeling anything too emotionally deep at the moment for reasons I wish I could explain but honestly have no idea how to; so I scratched that idea.

I am left with writing about the microwaved pizza I'm eating right now or about how I desperately don't want tomorrow to come but then I feel like a spoiled brat who's wonderful hardworking daddy is helping her pay for college; can't complain about classes. So I resorted to honesty aka me blogging about absolutely nothing in hopes of it becoming something.

Sorry to disappoint you but it looks like it became nothing, a whole lot of nothing. Those days exist, indeed they do. Everything accomplished and worked towards becomes a whole lot of nothing. Escaping reality seems like the best bet, but we all know in the end that is only temporary and our problems never truly go away, unless of course we beat them senseless with a baseball bat which I strongly suggest. So take that bat and beat the living shit out of your problems and smile while doing so.

*note: I mean this in a metaphorical sense. Please do not beat your husband, children, siblings, anything living really.

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