Apparating Time

September 13, 2012

Am I the only one who notices the direct correlation between getting old and time speeding up? When we were kids Christmas Eve was quite possibly the longest day ever experienced. We wake up late and go to bed early in hopes of spending the least amount of time possible conscious as consciousness brings awareness of how slow time is ticking forcing us to be patient and wait, something we are so awful at. But now a single day breezes by, like the apparition of a wizard from the front porch of the Weasley house to the secret entrance of the Ministry of Magic. Not even a snap and it's two in the morning and you realize you have to wake up in five hours. Our days are constant too, not one minute is wasted on arbitrary requirements (accept maybe that dreadful government class that seems to never end). And yet there still never seems to be time to accomplish all the things we want to.

I go to school full time, maintain two jobs at once, run a 365 blog, and I still manage to somewhat have time to socialize in between all that. But you can forget parties, you can forget boyfriends, because in the midst of all that I am writing a book, saving up to/planning my traveling events and there are still clubs and organizations I am dying to be a part of but can't because that would mean giving up the ability to sleep. I even lose track of time and am not even able to skype my best friends.

Time is slipping away from us, hell, time is running in the opposite direction of us and we just can't seem to keep up. Before I know it I will be old and fat and sitting in a rocking chair petting my 27 cats and looking forward to bingo on Tuesday nights. This is not okay.

If only time would understand I am doing my best to use him wisely. There are so many things life is calling me to do, but now it seems I have to pick and choose the things I want to pursue, and that simply does not fly; I must do everything. So for now, my brain never turns off, and while I'm sleeping my brain will begin to unconsciously write a chapter in a book or study for that government test I have next week.

On days like these I miss those long Christmas Eve days.

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