Beating Around the Bush

September 12, 2012
 *sidenote, I wrote 2011 on a paper today in one of my classes. what?*

Here's the deal, I'm about to get really honest up on this blog because life is too short and too important to post bullshit on your blog. Now I'm not exactly a John Mayer fan, but homeboy said it right when he said "say what you need to say." I could instead insert a beautifully tailored Shakespeare quote to suffice the same meaning just in much more poetic words, but that song says it plain and simple and I have respect for that. No bullshit.

There is no use in building up feeling after feeling and emotion after emotion only to let your pillow or annoyingly obsessive blog hear what your heart is dying to yell. It is a waste of feeling to keep it all to yourself. Whether positive feelings or negative feelings or neutral feelings or feelings that belong on mars, if you are confident in those feelings they are not meant to be kept inside.

Opening up your heart is hard and admitting to certain feelings can be nerve racking and letting someone touch apart of your heart is even harder, but damnit, why bother to feel if you aren't going to share those feelings! Sure you have your reasons, but when you care enough about a person to kiss them on the cheek goodnight and pull them in simply to have their body close, you should grow the balls enough to say what you need to fucking say to that person. You care enough about that person to be honest with them and you deserve the honesty just as much as they do.

It's difficult to just blurt out everything you are feeling, it scares people because what if you're rejected or what if you made the wrong decision. But everyone deserves the honest truth, and that person includes you.

Say it, just say what you need to say and don't hold back! When you care enough about someone, they are worth the risk. Say exactly what you need to, it will be worth it in the end.

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