Crime on Campus and Other News

September 29, 2012

Oh hai errbody. Today is just one of those days you want to curl up on the couch next your favorite boy/girl/which ever way you roll, and watch a movie. Alas I drove back home to see friends and family. It's weird. I'm also not sleeping in my own bed. Since my sister took my room when I flew the coop I am now crashing in her oddly bright bedroom... we will see how this goes. Here is a chunk of a column I wrote for this weeks College Corner at I love getting paid to write.

It is time to take a serious note here on College Corner. So much of what we talk about demonstrates the exciting things that happen during college, but it would foolish to ignore that the world isn’t perfect and bad things do happen. A common misconception amongst college students is that college campuses are safe. While most, if not all, campuses take security measures to make sure their students stay safe, danger is always a possibility.

Whether your university is small or big or rich or poor, violence happens and crime is prevalent. Violence happens on a day-to-day basis on campuses around the world. So for your safety, here are some tips on how to stay safe on a college campus.

1) Buddy system: if it’s evening or night do not walk around campus by yourself. Always have a friend with you. Strength in numbers!

2) Keys between your fingers: When walking to your car always keep your key in between your middle and pointer finger pointing away from you. Automatic weapon if you were to be attacked.

3) Lock: When you get into your car automatically lock the doors so no one has a chance of getting into your car.

4) Call the cops: if you are scared or suspicious of someone around you, call the police. It is better to be safe than sorry.

5) Stay in lit areas: When walking around campus it is important to stay on the main walkways where there is the most light. Walking in dark areas is only a recipe for trouble.

6) Crime alerts: Most universities have a crime alert system where they email or text their students if there in an incident on campus. Pay attention to those as they can inform you of the safe and not safe areas to be on campus.

7) Phone: When walking anywhere always have you phone out and on. If something does happen you automatically have your phone out to call someone.

Be smart about life on campus. While during the day a campus can seem safe and protected, violence and crime are still there. Being prepared for any situation and staying alert to your surroundings could save your life.

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